Station 1 Equipment


2007 Rosenbauer Timberwolf wildland interface pumper, featuring 1250 gpm pump, 750 gallon tank, 800 feet of 5 inch supply hose. First out on all structure fires, mutual aid structure fires and rapid intervention team (RIT) responses. Carries thermal imaging camera, 4 gas detector. Placed in service November 2007.


2000 Freightliner/American Lafrance pumper with 1250 gpm Darley pump, 1000 gallon tank, 50 gallons of pre-piped Class A foam, and 1,000 feet of 5 inch supply hose. First out on all motor vehicle accidents and car fires. Carries TNT rescue tool set, Res-Q-Jack stabilization equipment and Class B foam. Placed in service 2001.


2011 Toyne - Kenworth chassis with 2300 gallon tank and 2500 gallon folding tank. 300 gpm Waterous pump. Placed in service 2011.


The “Hill Hopper”, 2000 Ford E350 pick-up with skid-mounted 500 gpm pump, 200 gallon tank, front mount winch. It has two 200 foot preconnected 1” forestry hose lines, along with council rakes, grass fire brooms, TFT Pro-pak Class A/B foam dispenser, and Indian tanks. This truck also can be set up as a SEFU pumper for state-wide mutual aid requests.


1993 Ford/Med-Tec (former Bristol ambulance) in service as light duty rescue vehicle. 161 carries all the department's high-angle rope rescue and water rescue equipment as well as EMS equipment for responding to all EMS calls.

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Station 2 Equipment


1996 Pierce Responder with 1250 gpm Waterous pump, 1000 gallon tank and 1,000 feet of five inch supply line. This truck ran as E-111 until the arrival of the Rosenbauer. In December 2006 a 10 inch quick dump was added in anticipation of its switch to pumper-tanker operation in 2007.


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Retired Apparatus

Apparatatus Lineup circa 1982


American Lafrance bought from Penfield Fire Department.


1971 Ford with John Bean high pressure system. 750 gpm pump with 500 gallon tank, Designed for cold weather operation with bottom shield under pump. Originally delivered with two 200’ booster reels, rear hose bed of 1½" preconnects and 1800’ of 2½" supply hose. Reconfigured in 1994, the booster reels were removed and crosslay beds were installed to store 2 1½" preconnected hand lines. The rear hose bed was adapted to fit 1,000 feet of 5 inch supply line. E-121 was retired in 1996, replaced by the Pierce E-111.

E-40, renumbered E-122

1946 GMC open cab, triple combination pumper made by the Rochester Fire Department. Two stage 750 gpm high pressure pump, 500 gallon tank. Was former RFD Engine 20.


1958 American LaFrance bought from the Lake Shore Fire District in May 1975.


1984 GMC 7000 FMC Roughneck with 1000 gpm FMC pump, 1000 gallon steel tank, rear mounted 4 inch dump. Delivered with 2 cross-laid preconnects and rear 2 ½ inch preconnect and 3 inch supply hose bed. Modified to mount a deck gun and 500 feet of 5” supply hose. In 1994 its gas engine was overhauled to add a racing camshaft and exhaust headers. Retired in 2007, it was replaced by the 1996 Pierce.


1966 Chevrolet chassis with 2 speed rear axle, 1000 gallon tank. It was retired in 1992.


1992 International chassis with 1850 gallon tank, 10 inch Newton quick dump and 2100 gallon folding tank. Carries 700 gpm portable pump for drafting from water sources inaccessible by apparatus. Placed in service 1992, it was retired January 2012.



1957 Ford with 500 gpm American front-mounted pump. As delivered, it was equipped with a 500 gallon tank and was designated E-121. Later this truck was re-fitted with a 1000 gallon tank and designated TA-141. In 1966 it was re-designated TA-142 and moved up to Baptist Hill. The truck chassis was retired in 1988, however its front-mounted pump and suction hose were salvaged and converted into a trailer-mounted pump.


1988 GMC 7000 chassis with 1200 gallon tank and 10 inch rear Newton quick dump. Carries a 2100 gallon folding tank and a 700 gpm portable pump for drafting from remote water sources. This truck was originally built as TA-141 with an 1850 gallon tank; in 1992 the 1850 tank was removed, the truck was shortened and fitted with a 1250 gallon tank, and redesignated TA-142 to run out of Station 2.



1981 GMC 4WD quick-attack pumper built by Indiana Fire Apparatus. It featured a 250 gpm Hale pump, 200 gallon tank, two 1 ¾ inch preconnects, 400 feet of 3 inch supply line and four SCBA. For almost 20 years this was first-out fire attack truck. It also served as a grass fire truck until it was replaced by BR-151. Retired in 2000, it was traded to a local contractor for services rendered during the Station 1 renovation project.


1985 Ford ambulance converted to squad duty. Carried four Scott 2.2A SCBA, spare SCBA cylinders, rope rescue gear, roof saws, miscellaneous fire and rescue equipment and hydraulic tool set. It was also used as a back-up ambulance if needed. The Jaws were moved to E-111 in 1996, and 161 was retired in 2001, its function having been replaced by rescue pumper E-112.

Trailer Pump

Trailer-mounted pump from the Chevy TA-142. Built by Lifetime member George Lutz, it is powered by a 1975 Mercury Bobcat 2.8 L engine. Equipped with 20 gallon fuel tank, hard suction hose, radio and spot lights for night time operation. It is stored in Station 2 in the winter months.

Apparatus Numbering System

The County Apparatus Numbering System is comprised of a total of six digits. The first two digits in sequential order is the County number “35″, although it is rarely used during normal radio transmissions. The third/fourth digit identifies the two digit departmental number. The fifth digit identifies the type of apparatus with “0″ indicating a line officer. A sixth digit identifies the number of succession for the apparatus or personnel.

0 – Officer (Chief / Assistant Chief)
1 – Engine / Pumper (1000 GPM or Greater)
2 – Engine / Pumper (750 or 500 GPM)
3 – Tanker / Pumper (750 GPM or Greater & 1000 Gallon Tank)
4 – Tanker
5 – Grass / Brush or Mini-Attack
6 – Medical First Response (Emergency Vehicle)
7 – Squad / Rescue
8 – Aerial Device (Ladder Tower, Bucket Truck or Quint)
9 – Ambulance

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